Signs that you are supposed to break up

Nobody ever jumps for joy after going through a breakup — we’re not going to pretend that you should in any way be celebrating the end of your relationship with Champagne and toasts. Even when everyone around you says that you made the right choice, it can still be hard to let go. I’m speaking from legitimate experience when I say that I get it. When you’re still reeling from the breakup, and after you put so much into the relationship, it’s easy to begin to question why you’re letting it go and moving on.

1. You always feared that they would leave you.

2. You had more admiration for other couples than you did yourself and your SO.

3. When you think back on what the relationship was like, the bad memories come up first.

4. Jealousy was a major dynamic between the two of you.

5. They made you feel bad for the things you’re interested in.

6. You didn’t feel like they supported your career goals.

7. You lost friends because of the relationship.

8. There was a constant struggle for superiority; the two of you were never equals.

9. Either of you would divulge that they missed the “old version” of the other.

10. You didn’t feel comfortable around their family, or vice versa.

11. You felt like you had to hide an aspect of who you are to maintain their approval.

Source: popsugar.com


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