Have you taken a cup of coffee today?

It’s more or less human nature to have a vice or two. Some of us like a cocktail on Friday evenings, some spend more money on clothes than we’d like to admit, and others just can’t pass a bakery window without getting something. There’s one supposed vice, however, that most of us fall victim to every single day: a cup (or two, or three) of coffee to start off our morning, perk us up in the afternoon, or to sip after a great meal with friends.

While many believe coffee to be less-than-ideal when it comes to our health, an ever-growing body of research reveals that coffee can actually do a lot more than give you a buzz. That pot of coffee you wake up to every morning can not only help you lose weight, it may be capable of halting cancer growth, fighting tooth decay, and could even help stave off cognitive decline as we age. So bring on the lattes, the cold brew, the cappuccinos, and the shots of espresso, and enjoy them.

1. AIDS IN WEIGHTLOSS : You don’t have to change your whole routine just to lose weight — your coffee habit may be getting you there quicker than you think. Research reveals that study participants given green coffee exact lost significantly more weight than those given a placebo.

2. IMPROVES METABOLISM: Give your metabolism a boost by adding a cup of coffee to your morning routine. The caffeine in your morning cup of joe can provide a bit of a metabolic boost, helping you become a lean, mean, fat-burning machine.For more ways to boost your metabolism

3. IMPROVES DIGESTION: Keeping your digestive tract moving is essential to your overall health and coffee can help you reach that goal. Coffee is a great way to keep your digestive tract chugging along at a steady clip, reducing your risk of intestinal perforation and certain digestive diseases.

4. IT INCREASES ENERGY : What would you do with an extra hour each day? The boost of energy coffee can provide you can help you enjoy a more productive day, help you get out of bed easier, and get your work done faster.

5. REDUCES RISK OF GOUT : The build-up of uric acid in your body known as gout is a painful condition most of us would be eager to avoid. Luckily, it’s also preventable. Coffee has been shown to cut your risk of developing gout, so don’t kick that caffeine habit just yet.

6. IT INCREASES BRAIN FUNCTION: Boosting the health of your brain can be as simple as adding coffee to your regular routine. Coffee is a great way to improve your energy and circulation, making it an easy way to improve your cognitive function, too.

7. IT IMPROVES YOUR MOOD: Looking to perk up a blue day? Start with some mood-boosting coffee. Even smelling coffee can give you a rush of endorphins and dopamine, making it a great way to bounce back from a bad day.

8. MAKES YOU MORE ALERT : Having trouble waking up in the morning? A cup of coffee is a great way to fight fatigue and improve alertness. While drinking the whole pot won’t do you any favors, a single cup can help increase your alertness and get you through the day.

9. REDUCES HUNGER : Feeling famished? Try enjoying some coffee before you start hunting for snacks. Coffee can help reduce hunger signals, helping you say no to that box of donuts in the break room

Source: greennews.ng


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