The Truth about Worry

The cares of this world cause everyone of us to worry at one point in time or the other. There’s virtually no one earth that doesnt worry, including babies. When you take mothers away from their babies, the babies cry most times because they are worried about where their mom is going.

However,  no matter the intensity of worry, nothing really changes, execept you make a move. Some people sit down for years worries about not getting this and that, when they should spend that time thinking productively on how to make a move towards what they want.

Worrying is not a sin but it doesn’t change much. Instead of worrying yourself over what you don’t have and the people that have hurt you, why don’t spend that time appreciating what you have and using it the best way you can. Learn to appreciate the people in your life right now. Hard as it may be, move past the pain of those who hurt and stop worrying about why they left, if you are ever really supposed to be together, destiny would bring you guys back together.

The greatest inventions in the world today are not products of worrying but innovative thinking.

Stop the worrying!!! Like the French would say “ne vous inquiétez pas”.

Stay blessed!!!


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