Love is really very Strange. When you are not expecting it at all, you get it and when you need it the most, it leaves you. Love has the power to control you. As much as you can try to save your relationship, it will end if it has to end. There are some signs which will show that you do not love your girlfriend and the end is near.

1. Things Which Were Adorable Are Now Irritating
The small things like her silly mistakes, her habit of speaking a lot, her lame jokes and many more things which could make you smile are no more same. Rather, these things are irritating you now.

2. No Excitement Left
Earlier the idea of meeting her could fill you with happiness and excitement but now everything has changed. There is no excitement left in the relationship and gone are the days when you were always ready to meet them.

3. Awkward Silences
When you both are on the date or spending some time with each other and suddenly there is nothing left to talk about. You can’t speak anything even if you want to talk. This is one of the biggest sign that you do not love your girlfriend as you used to do earlier.

4.  No Concerns
Earlier you could not see her upset and you used to do anything to make her concern. You still put an effort to know the problem but the feeling is not same as before.

5. Less Conversations
Earlier, you could spend whole night chatting with her but now conversations going over ten minutes become heavy. You do not want to discuss the day with her and also you do not want to know about her.

6. No romance
The things you felt when you kissed each other are gone. The feelings of holding hands and those romantic hugs are not same anymore. The romance and spark of the relationship are finished.

7. More Preference To Friends
During the starting phase of your relationship, she was the most important person in your life but now you give more preference to your friends and enjoy their company more than her.

8. No Possessiveness
You will not feel the same jealousy now if you see her with another guy as you have felt earlier. With all the other things the feelings of care and possessiveness are also coming to an end.

9. Frequent Disagreements
Earlier, there could be a rare thing on which you both do not have the same opinion and now there are a lot of disagreements and arguments.

10. Less Physical Contact
Now, both of you are not interested in being physical with each other. The passion of making love during the starting was has lost.

11. No Attraction
Earlier, you could not take your eyes off her no matter how she looked but now you don’t want to see her the same way even when she is looking stunning

12. Something is Missing
Not something, but a lot of things are missing which you could only feel during the beginning. But now you don’t want to remember happy memories and moments you spent with her.

Source: Jai Saluja


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