Better than that series- 4 reasons why you should not sleep around

Ever thought there was nothing wrong with sleeping around? Here are 4 reasons why it is a big error:

*You are not an animal: Animals usually don’t hv a particular place they mate and they don’t get married a male animal just seeks a female animal and sleeps with her..Same applies to the femal animals. In other words, sleeping around is characteristic of animals. Have you ever asked yourself why people who sleep around are referred to as dogs? Are you animal? Your attitude to having sex best answers the question.

*You Could Get Infected with STD: This is an unarguable truth. People who sleep around run the risk of getting infected by a sexually transmitted disease.

*Spending of money foolishly: Come to think of it, the money you spend getting people to sleep with you could have been put to better use. Similarly, in the event of STD moneyhas to be spent to get pills that would help you treat the disease. Do you really have to spend like this?

*It Adds No Value To You: Take it or leave it, sleeping around adds no value to your life. People who sleep around tend to also be engaged in another social vices. No organization gives an award for the best pervert. So why would you wanna continue in something that brings more good than bad
We live in a world where people (especially guys) proudly talk about how they’ve slept with this girl and that girl. As fas as I’m concerned it is an act of immaturity, indiscretion, imprudence and folly to be proud of such an adventure. Some foolish ones are even bold enough to let it out on social media- may they receive sense!

You should know that you are better than that. Once a person is addicted to sleeping around, it takes the grace of God to stop that habit. Incase you are reading this piece and you’re guilty of this, no one is judging you but I must let you know the truth. However, you can gradually stop this bad habit with persistent and consistent efforts backed up by God’s Grace.

You are better than that.

Remain Blessed and Highly Favoured!!!


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