Irrigate your Relationships 

Many folks find it hard to irrigate their relationships. They always want to be around the same kind of people. Sometimes, when people find themselves in a place where they are regarded as the best or they exercise some form of control, they dint want to leave. Always wanting to be around the same set of people. Its a simple problem of comfort zone. People  sometimes tend to get too comfortable in a particular place and it becomes a problem as time goes on because it invaribaly means they are really improving. The fact that you are a doctor doesnt mean you should only hang out with doctors. The fact that you are a millionaire doesnt mean you should only hang with millionaires or people less wealthy.

One problem most people face is that they feel more  comfortable around people who share a similar problem with them. A single lady will tend to feel more comfortable hanging around single ladies and not married women because she feels she may fall short, when it comes to relating with the woman emotionally, as regards marriage. Similarly, some unemployed folks wouldn’t like to relate with employed folks because they think there will be a gulf in their relationship. Same thing applies to a relationship that exists between tall and short people as well as fat and slim people. Usually, along the line jealousy tends to set in between these two different folks.

The environment you grow up in plays a major role in determining how you wind up. For example, if you take a set of poor people and put them together, of course you should know that their kids will probably grow up learning all sorts of criminal activities and social vices but if you actually spread those same poor people and intersperse them around a couple of rich communities, the probability of those folks winding up that way would be lower.

One major problem people encounter is how they see themselves. How do you see yourself. Do you use other people as a measure of your self worth. It is important that you irrigate your relationships because it helps to learn new things and helps you discover other things about yourself that you probably didnt know hitherto. The fact that you are a Christian doesnt mean you should relate only with christians. I know you’re probably thinking about not being unequally yoked and the ‘show me your friend and I will tell you who you are’ thing. Yeah I know all of that but who says you have to make them friends.

You cant go hanging around the same set of people everytime. It’s kinda boring. Kick out any form of low self-esteem, inferiority complex or jealousy. Irrigate your relationships and intersperse yourself among different kinds of people. However, wisdom is the principal thing. So, irrigate your relationship wisely.


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