Do you trust your instincts?

When you hear your inner voice leading you, do you follow? Or have you learned, like too many have, to suppress it in order to make others happy.  We must empower our instincts by breaking outside of other’s expectations and living our truth.

Others in your life will have expectations for how you should act, look, and feel, but you must trust your instincts instead.  We tie ourselves up in knots trying to be who they want us to be, and not our true selves; this only leads to disconnection and dissatisfaction.

Remember that our instincts are the treasure map for our soul’s satisfaction.

So many of us have been crammed into positions for which we have been trained, but which our instincts tell us feel wrong.  So many of us continue in relationships and friendships that feel troublesome instead of heeding our internal warning signs and running the other way.

The longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself; a deeper knowledge and appreciation of your instincts makes it the most beautiful love affair.

Listen to those gut feelings and start believing  in yourself !


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