Stop the violence

Its so sad to see terrorism and violence rise in the world woth such ease. For me, this goes beyond religion. There are other factors responsible for this unfortunate emergence. Looking at the spate of terrorists attacks in Africa and Europe, its suffice to say three factors are majorly responsible for this occurrence. Poverty, Selfishness and Unforgiveness are the three major causes of the rise of terrorism and terrorists in the world. It is unfortunate that one man would think that he can dictate what happens in the world and force people to subscribe to his beliefs. The time has come for us to go past shuffling blames between religions and take calculated and meticulous steps towards cutting down this evil that is being perpetuated by reprobate, misanthropic, evil, malevolent, puerile, recalcitrant and irate minds. We can stop this shameless low life by being united. Yes we can!!!



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