Confronting failure 

Everyone can relate to failure. No matter how beautiful or handsome, rich or poor, dark or fair etc you are, you would fail at one point or the other in your life. The difference between a successful and unsuccesful person is the fact that the former refused to stop at where they failed. They refused to see themselves as failures

They refused to allow the negtive opinions of others to discourage them. One thing is certain, at some point in your life you may  not find anyone to encourage. You just have to pick up yourself and keep moving. The truth they say is bitter but the taste of failure is equally bitter, if not more.

One reason  why people do not like to face their failures is because  they believe that once a person fails,  he is a failure. The funny truth is that not facing your failures is a failure in itself  and it can lead to deeper and more vigorous consequences, if not checked appropriately. Confronting your failures helps you have an appraisal on your actions, where you could have done better and why you failed. Through the lens of this retrospective look, you would be able to forge better ways to approach an issue and succeed at it.

Some of the great men we celebrate today failed several  times before they succeeded. The difference lies in that the fact that they did not allow failure defeat them in their mind. It may also surprise you to know that some of the most successful businessmen alive today did not necessarily succceed at every business venture they tried their hands on. Know this,  the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg etc still fail at one time or the other today, even with how intelligent and successful they are.

Another reason why people refuse to confront failure is our need to blame. Humans always want to find who to blame when the result is negative. For example, take the game of football. Have you ever  noticed that in most cases, coaches carry 90% of the blame when the team does badly (just like the case of Arsene Wenger- my apologies  to all Arsenal fans) but they do not equally carry 90%  of the praises when the team does well (just like the case of Zinedine Zidane). When the team does well, in as much as the coach is praised for his shrewd tactics, he shares the glory with the certain players in the team. Also,  have you ever heard someone say: ‘it was the devil’. You see that statement is borne out of our need to blame others for mistakes we made.

You are a human being and you will surely make mistakes at one point or the other in your life. The best approach to confronting failure is to go through a few quick givens;

* You can fail 
*You are not a failure
* Your failure can help you become a better person

Once you are are to accept these three facts, it can help you confront life more logically. Throughout  the period I was searching for a job, I failed at several interviews but I didnt allow that deter me because I knew I was heading somewhere. After each interview, I always had a sober reflection  on my performance  and I asked myself certain pertinent questions like;

*Did I do well?
*Was my potential employer impressed by my performance?
* Could I have answered questions better? 
*What mistakes did I make?
* How can improve on those mistakes at another interview  or if I’m given the job?

Failure is not as bad people see it to be. Truthfully, we tend to learn more from our failures than our successes. You have to be courageous enough to face failure sincerely and squarely because the most successful men in the world today are not men who thought they  cannot fail but men who were bold enough to confront failure.


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