9 Innocent Pictures That You Probably Looked At Wrongly 

In this age of snapchat, instagram inter alia, snapping pictures and putting them up on social media has become the order of the day for some people. People commonly believe that pictures don’t lie or do they? Relax…I guess the only thing that lies about a picture is your eyes. What do you see when you look at a picture….All the ‘dirty minds’ folks gonna come for me now…runsaway.

Alright so I’m back, ‘cos I just have to write this post.. It has been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so is the case of pictures. Take a look at 9 pictures that would make you question how you really think? 

1. If you really focus your books, you should know this is one of them. I see where your mind went..

2. You should relax you know ‘cos heels dont lie..Learn to look down sometimes.

3. Some cameraman can be somewhow sometimes sha.See what they made you think.. Be delivered….

4. Dont just think twice, also look twice and probably you would see that its just really the man’s hand not the other way round..

5. Sometimes all we want to do is snap with our pets…Lookatew and your dirty mind….

6. Its just a hand oooooo!!!!!!I repeat its just a hand!!!!!Nothing more..

7. So you cannot just admire a palm tree again right ..I’m dabbing for you…

8. Its not everything you join together..Its not always about marriage and you’re not a Pastor or are you? You can as well borrow them a pen cos their pen is broken..What is it you were thinking again?

Yeah so I can run away now before some ‘dirty minds crawl up in my business..😀😀Hope you had fun….


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