Express Yourself 

Too often, our stressors take their toll on us and we’re flooded by waves of sadness or anxiety.  It’s normal to experience these rough patches.  We work, take care of our families and meet the demands placed on our time.

What is missing from our lives is often our own voice–our connection with the creative in us.  Artist Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

When the pace of life has us feeling blue, an active cure is called for; it exists in authentic self expression.

Connecting to the creative within, in order to be seen and heard, instantly lifts our spirits. Researchers at UC Berkeley found that meaningful self expression leads to greater feelings of power and control over one’s life.

Too often we go through lives fulfilling all of our obligations, working ourselves to the bone, but forget to reconnect with our spirit–our essence. How often have you found yourself, at the end of the work day, feeling depleted, stressed or overwhelmed?

Forego resting on the couch and express yourself in a meaningful way! What does your soul want to say? You don’t have to go out and sing for all the world to hear, but if singing uplifts you, make room for it. Sing, paint, create, compose, write, connect–your insight matters. Your voice needs expression!

Set down your burdens and anxieties; express yourself. Your spirit will thank you!

T.D Jakes


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