5 Reasons Why Some Women Stay in Abusive Relationships

Recently, there has been an upsurge in the campaign against abusive relationships. Despite the warcry against women staying in abusive relationships, some of them still choose to stay. I’ve really pondered and asked myself why some women choose to remain under such circumstances. Here are possible answers to the question on my mind:

1. Money: This seems to be about the greatest raison d’être that makes some women remain in broken relationship. They wrongly believe that it is better to suffer in wealth than to laugh in poverty.

2. No Where To Go: This especially applies to women who marry men in another country (possibly better than theirs) and move over there with him. They tend to manage the domestic abuse for the want of a better life where they are and possible lack of another place to stay in that location.

3. Inferiority Complex: Truthfully, some women stay in abusive relationships because they find themselves in an unfortunate situation where not too many men like them and the man they are with seems to be the only person who has ever shown them love but happened to have changed overtime. They forget that they can and will find love again, if only they decide to give love (outside the abusive relationship) another chance.

4. Fear of the Negative Effects of a Broken Home On Their Children: Some women believe that every child should be given the chance to experience both fatherly love and motherly love because a father and a mother both have different roles to play in the life of a child and it is almost impossible for one person to play both roles. Also, some women are not totally certain that they would be given full custody of the child or children, however the case may be. Now, a broken home sure has its negative impacts on the life of any child, albeit its not the best option.

5.Foolishness:This list would not be complete without this point. Aside from all the possible “beautiful” reasons for staying in an abusive relationship, some women stay as a result of intense and ample foolishness.

Whatever your reason is, however beautiful your excuse may be, staying in an abusive relationship is not and can never be an ideal thing to do because the negative effects (both on you and the kids) far outweigh the so-called ‘good’ reasons for staying in an abusive relationship.

Shun Imprudence!!!

Be Wise!!!

Say no to domestic abuse!!!

Quick Facts

  • Statistics gathered indicate domestic violence causes almost 100,000 days of hospitalization, 30,000 emergency room visits, 40,000 trips to the doctor every year, and 50% of all homeless women and their children are fleeing domestic violence.
  • In batterer’s groups over 50% of battering men came from backgrounds where the male in their family was either very violent or controlling.
  • 94% of victims are under age 18
  • 80% are under age 30
  • Less than 20% of battered women seek medical attention after any injury from abuse
  • Center for disease control estimates that out of 223 cases reviewed where battered women killed their abusers, 75% were in the middle of confrontation or assault

9 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Some Women Stay in Abusive Relationships”

      1. I agree! I watched my mother go through a relationship like this and I wish women knew that nothing you do will ever be enough because abusive men are incapable of loving them the way they love them. A sad reality.


        1. Well Said…In reality it only takes the grace of God for an abusive man to change, because research has shown that most men who are abusive dont love themselves. So they take out their self hatred on their wives. Women must learn to love themselves and understand that they do not necessarily need a man to make them feel complete. Sorry about your Mother though….

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  1. Never been in an abusive relationship myself, I’ve watched women of my family go through them… I’ve been one of the kids in between an abusive relationship and neither are nice, extremely damaging. Staying together for the children does more damage than just leaving thats for sure.
    And more often than not this type of thing isn’t talked about. And it sure needs to be. abusive men cannot be changed, they will keep on doing it. No matter how much they are loved.
    Well done for talking about this kind of thing.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Sometimes one just wishes some women who are in abusive relationships are able to get out quickly before it affects their children because any man who is an abusive husband can definitely not be a good father because he would either be setting a bad example for his male child or creating a twisted view of who men to his female child. I understand that its hard for some women to just plug out because they’ve probably heard the ‘fight for your relationhsip till the end’ spirit, forgetting that it doesnt say ‘fight till your end’. You can only fight when you’re alive.

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      1. I was lucky in the fact my mother & father were divorced and my own father isn’t an abusive man… it was the men after him that were very abusive to my mother. Which affected me and my siblings differently.
        Thank you for replying 😊

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