Organizing Ideas:How To Organize Your Home

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Who doesn’t like a place that is arranged, no one. However, with the fast-paced nature of the world and the monday – friday rush hour trajectory, it has become increasingly difficult to keep the house arranged. For those who have some extra cash, they simply get a househelp to do the dirty work. This is especially prevalent in Africa, but as it has become common knowledge, househelps don’t always turn out to be what we had in mind.

I’ve always heard people say Sanguines generally are not careful about keeping any place at all, arranged but melancholic people are. Whatever the temperament, every single individual on this planet earth will swoop at the opportunity of having a neatly arranged house, albeit they’re not really ready to ride the horse. This may be because of several complex reasons like; they feel they’ve come too far to start being neat, they feel keeping a house arranged is too difficult, they feel keeping a house arranged is a gift which they were not born with, the males feel its the job of a woman etc. I could go on and on with several ideologies backing the cluttered house syndrome. You know sometimes I watch the ‘Clean House’ show on Fox Life TV and I just go mouth agape sometimes when I see how cluttered some houses could actually be. Well, in the event that you do not have a house help and you want to DIY, here are a few home organization ideas and ways to keep your house decluttered.


Having a neatly-arranged closet is really as simple as it comes. All you need is just one free day to start the de-cluttering process. So, firstly you need to start by defining what clothes you need and what clothes you dont need. A lot of us have clothes in our closet that we haven’t worn in a long time, some of which are probably too small for us now or are no longer in fashion. This is a good chance to do some charity work. Sort out these clothes/clothing items and give them out. After you’ve established the clothes you really need, how to arrange those clothes is the next phase. One thing I do is, after hanging the clothes I want to hang, I arrange all my trousers separately from my shirts. Also, you could arrange your clothes by purpose: work, casual, cold or hot weather, etc. Hang your scarfs, belts, ties etc., on a hanger or rack. You should also have a certain portion of your room where you keep your shoes. Don’t just throw it anywhere. In order to avoid the excuse of rushing to work as a reason for have a cluttered closet, always ensure that before any week begins, you know what you want to wear for that week. You could put them on a hanger or just arrange them separately somewhere.


So doing a ton of laundry all at once, can be pretty annoying, if not frustrating. Its even more annoying when your washing machine is not functioning or you don’t even have one (sad face!). But why worry when you can divide? Piling dirty clothes is not always the neatest thing to do. In order to keep things a bit organized, you should try and do your laundry at least once or twice every week. Washing your clothes in bits could be a more exciting routine, but how would you know if you don’t try it. Doing your laundry in bits only adds minutes to your daily routine, but when you do not have to spend your entire weekend trying to dig yourself out from underneath a mountain of dirty laundry, you will be glad you took those extra few minutes.

The Bed

As you lay bed, so you lie on it, is not just a figurative expression but can also be understood literally. Who knows if some of those crazy dreams we have sometimes occur because we slept on a scattered bed (okay , just kidding). Making your bed takes all of five minutes, but at the end of a busy day, when you can retreat to an inviting bed you will be able to feel the stress of the day slip away as you slip under the covers. You dont have to arrange your bed like its done in hotels but at least dont leave it all ruffled up.

Kitchen and Dishes

The kitchen could prove to be one of the toughest places to arrange especially if you don’t have so much space to play with. Organize your cabinets into several categories, such as plates, glasses, plastic containers, kid plates and sippy cups. Place the plates on one shelf, the glasses on another, and so on. This way, when you empty the dishwasher, you or other family members will always know where everything goes. Also, make it a point of duty to spend the extra ten minutes cleaning up the kitchen after dinner so that you can start each new day with a fresh clean slate instead of getting behind and letting things pile up. Although, you may be exhausted at the end of the day, and it would be very tempting to just dump the plates in the sink, with the intention of doing the dishes the next morning, albeit we all know how that usually turns out most times. This invariably takes us back to the issue of piling things up and it also creates an unhealthy kitchen.

Your Space

This last one is for those who just have knack for throwing things around. Now, if you know that you may not be able to really keep an organised space but you’re willing to try, then you could also add this to your ‘to do list.’ Just so that you dont feel too uncomfortable, it’s okay to have your own ‘special space’ where anything goes but be careful not to cross the line. It could be at a corner of your room, a certain table, the last row of your cabinet etc. Its just called a getaway space. Its that spacr you turn to when you are not just ready to keep stuff where it belongs. Just as an added incentive, try to have a waste bin at strategic points in your house. You can thank me later.

The aim of organizing isn’t really to create a totally arranged house , but rather to make the home more relaxing and functional. Work with the above ideas and you will end up with less clutter, a neater home, and improved productivity. Make sure everything in your house has a place. Everyone in your house should know how things work. It shouldn’t be such a hard and fast rule but a way of life. For example, if you take it out, put it back; if you open it, close it; if you make a mess, clean it up, etc. If you ever feel like you’re not doing any of these things consistently, remember these words ‘progress not perfection’.


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