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How To Use Crowdfire To Boost Your Presence Online and Increase Your Blog Traffic

Can I share a secret with you? Since the time I discovered crowdfire, my social media accounts have literally being on fire. Want to know how I achieved this feat? Relax, take a glass of fruit juice and let me take you on a journey of discovery.

Just like many other bloggers, one of the major problems I encountered in blogging was how to increase my community and reach more people. I mean, not that I didn’t plan to make money off my blog someday (who doesn’t fancy the thought?) but my major objective was to add value to people, and how else would I have done this, other than driving traffic to my blog.
In my research on how to drive traffic to my blog, one thing was clear to me- I needed to have a strong presence online. There was just really no shortcut to having a strong presence online. Having a strong presence online meant harnessing the power of popular social media channels like facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, youtube etc. In othe words, I needed to be an active user of those social media platforms.

However, I know how tough it can be sometimes, to harmonise content on all those platforms, especially when you have a lot of things to post in a day. Now, I realize that some social media apps like instagram allow you to automatically share your posts on some other social media channels but I needed something that was more flexible and all-encompassing. I came across one or two apps that allowed me to schedule posts and do a couple of other things but I still felt a certain form of limitation. Who was going to bell the cat of this limitation, I thought to myself? Alas! Crowdfire came to the resuce.

The first time I came across the crowdfire app, I literally thought they read my mind and built this app for me, because it was the answer to a lot of problems I had. Since, I started using the crowd fire app, my instagram, facebook page and twitter accounts (which are the accounts I use majorly )have seen increased followership, likes, engagements, impressions etc. This has also helped drive traffic back to my blog. The Crowdfire App has also helped me to ease the pressure of thinking of what to post on social media channels each day, because now I can easily share posts of other people, that I feel are within my niche.

With the Crowdfire app,I can schedule posts (which they would help post at the best time), connect all my major social media accounts, share other people’s posts, increase traffic on my blog, increase my engagements, know those sneaky people who unfollow me after I’ve followed them back etc. The advantages of using the crowdfire app are endless. Yaay!

Crowdfire is a community that helps to helps to ensure that your content reaches a larger crowd of people. Sign up on the crowdfire app today and let your blog tell the story.


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