7 Reasons Why Some Women Remain Single

Some women in the society today seem to prefer to remain single, as a result of the recent spate of lazy guys who prefer to depend on their wives rather work and be the breadwinners in their home. The continuous rise of women’s rights has been part of the impetus for the lack of interest of women in marriage. However, there are several reasons why some women decline to get married.

1. Women have become the person they eventually wanted to marry.

Gloria Steinem said “We are becoming the men we wanted to marry”. We are strong and independent enough to take care of ourselves. We don’t need a man to do that for us anymore. Women are self-sufficient and so they are getting married less as compared to the old tradition.

2. Successful women are a threat to most men

Men don’t like it when they feel their masculinity is threatened in any way and especially when it’s from the opposite gender. Men usually don’t like being with a woman who makes him feel inferior in any way or who is more successful than him

3. Career and dreams are the priorities.

Women today have understood and known the value of their dreams and learned to sort out their priorities well. Marriage is no longer what they want in their lives; their career comes above them all.

4.They love single life

We need to accept the fact that single life is much happier and less stressful than a married life. You can be carefree and enjoy as much as you want. Go on solo trips and hang out with your friends and when you are earning enough it just adds a cherry to the cake.

5.Dating apps comes to rescue

Dating apps like Tinder have created a culture where casual relationships and hooking up have replaced serious commitment. This works for a lot of women, they’ve come to prefer the casual relationships to marriage

6. They don’t need to get married to be a Mom

Thanks to the technology, you don’t even need a man if you want to have a baby. There is a great option for women who don’t want the relationship part of motherhood but still wants to be mothers.

7.They are complete on their own.

More women are holding a decent position in companies as compared to men. They are suppressing men in every stage be it education, sports or corporate world. And at times when they need to be the kitchen sink, they can do that too.

The world today has seen the rise of very powerful women, which is refelected in the number of female presidents and prime ministers springing up. However, the story hasn’t exactly been the same for men, who have witnessed a steady increase in the number of ‘men seeking rich women for marriage’. Some single ladies (including the ‘#smallgirlbigGod ladies and baby mamas) today take pride in being on their own, because they feel that being in a marriage makes them come under some form of subjugation by the men.

Nevertheless, marriage is a profitable union and if well managed, it can help each spouse achieve more than they could have, being single.


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