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Think Right; Make Way For The Light

Disappointments, hurt , fear, shame, and guilt are all things we go through, once in a while (some more frequently than others) and we sometimes allow these things to weigh on us. What’s more is that in those dark moments, we become silent, and secretly let those thoughts and emotions eat away at us. We feel as though we can’t open up to anybody, because maybe we feel ashamed; maybe we fear feeling misunderstood; or maybe we feel like we don’t want to burden others with our problems.

Indeed, making errors is a normal, if unwanted, part of life. Every one of us has moments we are not proud of – moments when anger, jealousy or our insecurities get in the way of our living in the light. Yet, we are called on to realize that the darkness cannot and will not overshadow our good. Studies have found that people who think they can learn from their mistakes bounced back quickly after an error. It may feel like it is too late, or too much has passed, but never doubt that you can turn it all around. It all starts from your thoughts.

Darkness in our lives is overcome with the light of honest intentions. Therefore, If you have broken a friendship/relationship: mend it. If you have lied: forgive yourself and work to speak the truth. If you have let your pride get in the way of doing what is right: acknowledge it and get back on the right path. If you’ve gotten yourself immersed in pessimistic thoughts, cast down those vain imaginations and be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Your self inflicted pain, or the pain you caused others, does not brand you for life! In fact, psychologists have found that authentic self-forgiveness “involves admitting to and taking responsibility for the transgression.” The darkness is human; the errors are surmountable.

Step out of the dark through a complete and compassionate forgiveness of yourself. You may not be able to run (or even walk) out of it yet, but the light is always available and ever present.

Are you ready to step out the darkness and into the light?


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