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Life Quotes That Will Help You To Succeed in 2018

As we draw the curtain on 2017, I’ve taken time to reflect on this year, vis-a-vis my successes (gains) and failures (mistakes). This has led me to think through what has been my motivation through the months.

Words they say, never fade away. They last a lifetime. Even the Holy Bible says heaven and earth will pass away but God’s word will remain the same. Against this backdrop, I’ll like to share a few quotes that have kept me going and focused as well as helped me overcome certain obstacles I’ve had to face. These few positive and motivational quotes have been my inspiration and have guided as well as guarded my thoughts over the years. Sharing they say is caring. Thus, here are a few life quotes that would be helpful to you in 2018;

*The true measure of your character is what you do when you think you would never be found out.

*You are most likely to act yourself into feeling than feel yourself into action. 

*A life in which anything goes will ultimately be a life in which nothing goes.

*The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.

*Efficiency is the foundation for survival. Effectiveness is the foundation for success.

*There is a world of difference between a person who has a big problem and a person who makes a problem big.

*Love people more than procedures. Realize that people are your most valuable assets.

*The reason most goals are not achieved is because we often spend our time doing second things first. 

*The greatest mistake a person can make is to be afraid of making one.

*Integrity is not what we do so much as who we are.

*We cannot become what we need to be by remaining the way we are.

*Too many people are ready to assert their rights and not their responsibilites.

*If people understand you, you’ll get their attention, if they trust you, you’ll get their action

*You may not have power over all that happens in your life but you have the power to determine how you react to what happens in your life. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

*People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

*People’s minds are changed through observation, not argument. People do what people see.

*Your words will tell people what you think but your actions will tell them what you believe.

*Faith in God does not mean you deny reality but that you do not accept reality as finality. God’s word is stronger than reality.

*Problems can stop you temporarily. You are the only one who can do it permanently.

*What really counts is not what happens to me but what happens in me. 

*If you want the rainbow, you’ve got to put up with the rain.

*Positive thinking does not always change our circumstance but it will always change us.

*Focus more on helping people solve their problems and less on solving people’s problems. 

*Decide what to do and do it. Decide what not to do and don’t  do it.

*The more you change, the more you become an instrument of change in people’s lives.

*Pay now, play later or Play now and pay later. The choice is yours.

*Having it all doesn’t mean having it all at once.

*We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing. Others judge us by what we have already done.

*Very often, we see things not as they are but through the lens of who we are.

*Do not despise the days of your  small beginnings.

*Learn to live the Let-go life.

I’ll end this article with this humorous story;

” After World War II, a general and his young lieutenant boarded a train in England. The only seats left were across from  a beautiful young lady and her grandmother. The general and the lieutenant sat facing the women. As the train pulled out, it went through a dark tunnel. For about ten seconds there was total darkness. In the silence of the moment, two sounds were heard- a kiss and a slap. Now, everyone had his or her perception of what had transpired.

The Grandmother thought to herself, “I’m angry that the young man kissed my daughter but I’m happy that she retaliated.”

The Young Lady said to herself “I’m flattered that the General would kiss me but I’m a bit embarassed that Grandmother would slap him.”

The General sat there thinking to himself “My lieutenant showed a lot of courage in kissing that girl but why did she slap me by mistake?”

The lieutenant was the only one who knew what truly went down. In the brief moment of darkness, he kissed a girl and slapped a general.

Moral of the story: Things are not always we think they are. 

To everyone reading this, I wish you a Blessed and Favoured New Year in advance.


9 Innocent Pictures That You Probably Looked At Wrongly 

In this age of snapchat, instagram inter alia, snapping pictures and putting them up on social media has become the order of the day for some people. People commonly believe that pictures don’t lie or do they? Relax…I guess the only thing that lies about a picture is your eyes. What do you see when you look at a picture….All the ‘dirty minds’ folks gonna come for me now…runsaway.

Alright so I’m back, ‘cos I just have to write this post.. It has been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so is the case of pictures. Take a look at 9 pictures that would make you question how you really think? 

1. If you really focus your books, you should know this is one of them. I see where your mind went..

2. You should relax you know ‘cos heels dont lie..Learn to look down sometimes.

3. Some cameraman can be somewhow sometimes sha.See what they made you think.. Be delivered….

4. Dont just think twice, also look twice and probably you would see that its just really the man’s hand not the other way round..

5. Sometimes all we want to do is snap with our pets…Lookatew and your dirty mind….

6. Its just a hand oooooo!!!!!!I repeat its just a hand!!!!!Nothing more..

7. So you cannot just admire a palm tree again right ..I’m dabbing for you…

8. Its not everything you join together..Its not always about marriage and you’re not a Pastor or are you? You can as well borrow them a pen cos their pen is broken..What is it you were thinking again?

Yeah so I can run away now before some ‘dirty minds crawl up in my business..😀😀Hope you had fun….

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See How You Can Laugh More Today

Studies show that laughter lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and boosts immune functions in the body. It cleanses the lungs and body tissues of accumulated stale air since it empties more air out than it takes in.  In addition to these benefits, laughter triggers the release of endorphins — those “feel good” chemicals in the brain that make you feel joyful and elated — and even helps to relieve pain. Endorphins are the same chemicals released when some people, after an extended period of running, get “runners high”.

We should take advantage of every opportunity to have a good hearty laugh.  Humorous situations surround us each day. We just have to be on the lookout for them.
Obama Laughing

Here are some ways to get more laughter into your life:

  • Let people know that you enjoy a good laugh and ask them to share their favorite jokes with you via email, etc.
  • Visit joke sites on the Internet.
  • Plan to attend a live comedy show with a group.
  • Share your embarrassing or humorous moments (let good taste prevail here).
  • Laugh at yourself and your shortcomings, especially on the job. Be a good sport.  When others do imitations of you, laugh and pay attention. It can be a real eye opener to some of your eccentric ways. Don’t allow life’s pressures and negative circumstances to snuff out your sense of humor.
  • Laughter can take your mind off of what’s stressing you, providing temporary emotional relief. 
  • Laughter can improve your social life as well as your marriage or romantic relationship since it makes you more fun to be around; nobody enjoys a sourpuss.

A young man once said “Those who carry a long face don’t live long”. Laugh often and let others find strength in your joy.Hahahahahahahahahahaha…

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The Fine Art Of Pretence II

​Turning the Other Cheek: A Closer Look

The idea behind turning the other cheek, a religious injunction that has gained secular popularity, albeit in a derogatory sense, is to let someone go as far as they wish if they want to hurt or deprive you. That is, to let them exhaust their sinister intentions, or at least let them have a little more of it than they might have even thought possible at the moment.

Think about this just a moment: someone slaps you, even if you may have deserved it, and the next thing you do is let them have the other cheek. At first it may seem like a really laudable virtue, but just imagine if, during the great wars of the twentieth century, Britain and the USA had allowed Germany continue sinking merchant ships and even warships after Germany had conducted some air raids. Or perhaps, you allow a rogue rape your daughter after stealing your property. That would very well pass for turning the other cheekand for foolishness too!

Some of you, at this point, are already wondering whether Im not going a little extreme with this, but what is good for the gander should also be good for the goose. If its okay to let someone slap your other cheek because he had the cheek to slap the first one, then maybe it would make even better sense to let someone have your job after taking your spouse.

Okay, okay, fineI heard your objections. Perhaps we should really delineate that admonition and ask ourselves if we sincerely believe that its okay to turn the other cheek the way we know it to be, or, maybe, we can scan this statement under a different hue of light and get results that are more agreeable to practicality.

You see, some diehard pacifists have postulated that if someone were to strike you on one cheek and you offered them the other, they would lose the willpower to keep the assault on. But it does not follow. We know for a fact that each one owes his destiny to himself, and if you leave your well-being to the stretch or shortness of anothers conscience, you become vulnerable to their every whim. So if their conscience has been seared with hot iron, youre doomed.

Understand this: people seek unlimited power, and anytime anyone becomes conscious of the possibility of taking you for a ride, then your days of freedom are numbered. Youll live the rest of your life in servitude. But you stand up for yourself and the evil slave driver will be forced to back off. Those in political circles and the armed forces understand this perfectly: failure to build your own power is invitation to trouble.

You dont believe? Well, thats your business. Wait till your vast reserves of potential are outclassed by your many wasted years, then ask your contemporaries of the past why they ride on wheels of progress while you are still legging your way through life, or even worse, crawling on your belly. That is if youre even able to see their brake lights again.

So what are we supposed to make of this supposedly divine admonition to turn the other cheek?

My first suggestion is that you forget vengeance. You see, the quest for revenge is almost a choking one in all of us, even the apparently soft people. It takes the truly strong, even when all the means are available to exact their pound of flesh, to extend grace in lieu to those who have hurt them.

In saying that, I am not an advocate of the leave it for God or God will judge maxim of the weak, but I would say this with all due respect to your feelings: To err is human; to forgive is divine. You may have heard this axiom several times and even grown to hate hearing it because you think it will make others trample you underfoot, but nothing could be farther from the truth. You must forgive!

When, however, people ask you to forgive and forget, what they really mean is that you should make yourself more vulnerableand I wouldnt advise that. Lets face the fact: there is a God and you are not Him. Only God possesses the power to truly forgive and forget (atheists, please skip this part), and even that is a mind-boggling paradox for the Supreme Being who is omniscient, all-knowing.

Listen to this: God can safely forget because He knows where the sea of forgetfulness is and He can also, with pinpoint exactitude, pick out whichever part of your history is needed exactly wherever it is located on the map of that Great Sea when matters come to a head. As for man, we must try to forgive and forget within the ambit where amnesia will not occur. Yes, your graciousness shouldnt degenerate into memory loss in the name of piety (more on that in the next chapter), but if you allow a grudge to fester in your heart, the suffering is on you while the offender might well be enjoying life elsewhere. You should be rest assured that we are human and are therefore bound to err (whatever the intent), and then steel yourself against the surprises of such misdemeanor. Then, forgiveness will be easier.

If that is too hard for you, then imagine if all the people you ever offended decided to take it out on you. How would you feel? Now is the time to respect the Golden Rule. An eye for an eye, they say, leaves the whole world blind. (Heres our little secretkeep it between usI also hate hearing forgive and forget.)

Having taken the step of striking retaliation out as an option, heres a further idea: strike first! And just in case youre unable to do that, develop second-strike capability in your shock absorber as a back-up plan. You see, some people need some massive retaliation from you, but not at them. For example, in your office there could be persons who are avowed antagonists of your person, but if you settle it in your heart to do better all the time and always make friends with the right people in power, then any plan those foes of yours contrive will be difficult to implement because your records speak for you. Besides, they will fear a backlash if they are found out, since you have on your side the powers that be.

You see, it pays to be both smart (perceptive) and sharp (powerful). Dont forget that the first person who needs you is yourself; if you cant protect yourself, then how do you protect someone else? Let your strategy lie in your smartness, and your strength in your sharpness. In learning to strike first, you will need to draw attention away from your awareness of the antagonist (lest people suspect your every move as being against the other person). You must pretend not to know of their sinister intentions unless letting them know will keep them at bay. 

Let me give you an example from my days in the secondary school. Seniors could come wake you up anytime to go do anything for them, so juniors devised a means of getting their own back somehow. They would be awake but pretend to be asleep, and when they knew they were being roused by a senior, they would suddenly fling their hands in the air, leaving the senior stunned with a slap. Immediately, the junior would apologize, citing the name of some troublesome classmate whom they had supposed was disturbing them again. Most times they would thus escape with just the errand and the very lucky ones might even be left to go back to sleep, but the less fortunate juniors, God help them.

Turning the other cheek is good advice when youre under persecution or oppression by an enemy against whom you have absolutely no power. I mean, you are simply no match for them. At that time it will be useful to acquiesce to their demands and go the second mile because, in fact, you are preparing your mind for when it will be your turn. You know what? When such a person gives you a hard task, carry it out with grace and complete it if you can. Then do just a little more and thank them for the opportunity. Leave them in no doubt that you are greater than them. When someone much stronger keeps beating you, and after screaming and crying you end up smiling the next time you meet them, you have overcome the evil in them with the good in you. As it is said, The best revenge is to be successful.

In a nutshell, Im saying that if there are any odds in your calculation that you could outwit or destroy your opponent, do it by all means. If you must fake a smile or a plea in order to buy time till you find something that gives you the advantage (for example, a weapon around or a means of escape if youre in a physical fight), please do it! Pretence isnt a bad thing when its for the greater good. Pretence, like money, yields itself to the whims of the one who wields it. It is always better to be the big man being magnanimous than the small man seeking mercy. Turn the other cheek but show a juicy carrot and a heavy stick. See if youll not be on top of the situation.


When last did you fart in front of your partner

I never actually understood why it’s so shameful and disgusting sometimes for the people farting in front of your partner but to me, it seems too funny and totally cool! I mean, think it this way that you people are so easy peasy with each other and have that great stickum or what we say it is “BONDING” that it actually goes totally normal and obviously funny.

I know how terrible it would have been if you by mistakenly bumped the bumper of your b-u-tts and you go red and he goes pale of whether to laugh or to be angry. Today we are here to tell you that is it okay farting infront of your partner or not because studies have disclosed that “Farting in front of your partner can actually be GOOD” for your relationship with him/her.

Think about it that how much it’ll be so totally cool and amazing that you can fart end numerous times infront of your partner and he’s ready with his nose bag or room spray? Umm… Okay! Not Cool but EWWWWWW.

Still, studies have made it very very very clear that it could be a healthy sign and indication of what kind of relationship you are leading with your partner. Because according to it, if you easily fart it and your partner is okay, then you are actually having the greatest bond of any time and IF he/she is not okay then there’s still a lot of things for you to grow between the BOND that you share.

But I am here to tell you that it is really Impressive for you to share your boop with your partner because it can actually let you in the comfort zone that every relationship ever dreamed of because comfort, love, care and understanding is all that it takes for a good relationship to prosper in life. Imagine it your way!

Not Appealing? Okay! Think about it with these Points!

Knowing If Farting Infront of Your Partner is Okay -:

  1. Farts Show That You are Comfortable

So Imagine You’re sitting with your lovey dovey and you fart and he/she can be like – “WTF Are you Crazy?” or can be like – “HAHAHAHAHA That Sounded like a Whistle and Definitely it Smells Terrible. You should start eating healthy love.” WOOO! Big Shot! So he/she cool with that! Double Century and YES You did it! Is Sound weird right? BUT IT’s SUPER AMAZING!

2. Farts Show Playfulness

You tried it. Silently releasing the whistle and it blew up really loud! *OUCH* That’d have been a miserable condition and imagine that your partner is just like “Are you fine? You should try Gasopass!” And the room fills with giggles obviously.

3. Farts Show Ease

So you farted. You did it and you don’t give a damn because she/he is all yours and understands that it’s a natural thing. DONE. THE END.