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Diary of Ada

The beauty of your single season

Hi guys, look who is back!!!

My life went from less busy to very busy real quick, I couldn’t even keep up. But am here now.

If you are done from university, the questions you start to get more than anything else is “when are you getting married” or “who is the guy” and questions in that regard. Also this period, I have had the highest number of people I know getting engaged and am asking “is this in my neighbourhood and am just oblivious.” And it made me think about my single season and how much I am doing with it and realizing more about myself.

People are more interested in dating other people that they have not even dated themselves yet. The single season is a period for you to discover more about yourself, invest in your future. If you love to sew, find a sewing class and…

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From Pity Party to Praise 

Awake In The Silence

Life may be not what you planned. Actually if we’re honest when is it ever? There are times in our lives where we have a plan and then we turn around just to see that the plan is completely taken out, there’s 15 sub plots, the person you can’t stand is coming over, and the list goes on.

What do we do when life throws curve balls? We could just sit and pout and go to the “woe is me” phase. Sure, you may have perfect reasoning and justification to go into the depth of self pity, but what is that going to do in the long run?

So many times a week I could just let my emotions get ahold of me and just curl up in my bed and not come out. But alas, the life of adulthood does not allow for that. I have work, friends, a…

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Confronting failure 

Everyone can relate to failure. No matter how beautiful or handsome, rich or poor, dark or fair etc you are, you would fail at one point or the other in your life. The difference between a successful and unsuccesful person is the fact that the former refused to stop at where they failed. They refused to see themselves as failures

They refused to allow the negtive opinions of others to discourage them. One thing is certain, at some point in your life you may  not find anyone to encourage. You just have to pick up yourself and keep moving. The truth they say is bitter but the taste of failure is equally bitter, if not more.

One reason  why people do not like to face their failures is because  they believe that once a person fails,  he is a failure. The funny truth is that not facing your failures is a failure in itself  and it can lead to deeper and more vigorous consequences, if not checked appropriately. Confronting your failures helps you have an appraisal on your actions, where you could have done better and why you failed. Through the lens of this retrospective look, you would be able to forge better ways to approach an issue and succeed at it.

Some of the great men we celebrate today failed several  times before they succeeded. The difference lies in that the fact that they did not allow failure defeat them in their mind. It may also surprise you to know that some of the most successful businessmen alive today did not necessarily succceed at every business venture they tried their hands on. Know this,  the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg etc still fail at one time or the other today, even with how intelligent and successful they are.

Another reason why people refuse to confront failure is our need to blame. Humans always want to find who to blame when the result is negative. For example, take the game of football. Have you ever  noticed that in most cases, coaches carry 90% of the blame when the team does badly (just like the case of Arsene Wenger- my apologies  to all Arsenal fans) but they do not equally carry 90%  of the praises when the team does well (just like the case of Zinedine Zidane). When the team does well, in as much as the coach is praised for his shrewd tactics, he shares the glory with the certain players in the team. Also,  have you ever heard someone say: ‘it was the devil’. You see that statement is borne out of our need to blame others for mistakes we made.

You are a human being and you will surely make mistakes at one point or the other in your life. The best approach to confronting failure is to go through a few quick givens;

* You can fail 
*You are not a failure
* Your failure can help you become a better person

Once you are are to accept these three facts, it can help you confront life more logically. Throughout  the period I was searching for a job, I failed at several interviews but I didnt allow that deter me because I knew I was heading somewhere. After each interview, I always had a sober reflection  on my performance  and I asked myself certain pertinent questions like;

*Did I do well?
*Was my potential employer impressed by my performance?
* Could I have answered questions better? 
*What mistakes did I make?
* How can improve on those mistakes at another interview  or if I’m given the job?

Failure is not as bad people see it to be. Truthfully, we tend to learn more from our failures than our successes. You have to be courageous enough to face failure sincerely and squarely because the most successful men in the world today are not men who thought they  cannot fail but men who were bold enough to confront failure.


Stop the violence

Its so sad to see terrorism and violence rise in the world woth such ease. For me, this goes beyond religion. There are other factors responsible for this unfortunate emergence. Looking at the spate of terrorists attacks in Africa and Europe, its suffice to say three factors are majorly responsible for this occurrence. Poverty, Selfishness and Unforgiveness are the three major causes of the rise of terrorism and terrorists in the world. It is unfortunate that one man would think that he can dictate what happens in the world and force people to subscribe to his beliefs. The time has come for us to go past shuffling blames between religions and take calculated and meticulous steps towards cutting down this evil that is being perpetuated by reprobate, misanthropic, evil, malevolent, puerile, recalcitrant and irate minds. We can stop this shameless low life by being united. Yes we can!!!



5 signs that someone really loves you

There’s not one “right” or exact formula to be able to understand just how much someone loves you, there are definitely some habits and signals that they genuinely care about you, perhaps more than you give them credit for. Be on the lookout for these, and consider that maybe, there’s more love in your life than you realize.

They Aren’t Inconvenienced By Your Feelings
You know you’ve been extra complain-y lately, and maybe in a bad mood for a few days in a row at least. Yet, your significant other doesn’t really see it that way, nor are they holding it against you. Sure, you had a bad night or two, but they aren’t inconvenienced by your normal, natural range of emotions and experiences.

They’re Loyal To You
It’s not that they say they’ll be loyal to you, but that they actually are. You could never dream of them being unfaithful or speaking ill of you behind your back — yet you don’t realize what a rarity and privilege it is.

They Want To Change For You
While you can’t change anybody (nor can you expect them to change because you want them to), when someone really loves you, they usually want to change themselves. They want to be better for you, to be the best version of themselves possible.

They Want To Commit, And Commit For Good
Even if prior to knowing you they were all up on the “I want to live my life sans a relationship” train, they have since gotten off at the next stop, and are firmly planting their feet in their relationship with you. They realize that they don’t have to give up their personal freedom or happiness or autonomy for a relationship — but even if they did, you’re worth it.

They Go Out Of Their Way To Do Small Things For You 
They pick up your coffee or straighten up your apartment after you’ve fallen asleep. They grab the bill for your pizza slice or rub your neck when it hurts. They prove that love is, indeed, in the little things.


6 ways to identify unfriendly friends 

The word ‘friend’ has overtine being used wrongly by people. Some folks find it hard to differentiate between a colleague and a friend. They cal everyone that talks to them friend. Really hilarious! As far as I’m concerned thats just a petty show of ignorance rather than simplicity, as some may call it. T.D Jakes outlined three categories of friends namely comrades (those who against what you are against), constituents (those who are for what you are for) and confidantes (those who are for you). I believe this description and categorisation of friends aptly captures and describes the world of friendship.

Apart from those with whom we share a romantic relationship, friends are an alternate set of people that have the capacity to break our hearts, ‘cos when you trust someone you ultimately give them the power to hurt. The reason why heartbreaks are so traumatizing is not necessarily what was done itself but by whom it was done. Be mindful of who you give the power of your trust to.

No matter how wise or knowledgeable a person is, escaping the menace of a fake friend is pretty hard. Its being often said that you don’t really know the character of a man, until you give him power because power corrupts. A young man once said, the strength of your character is shown more in how you treat people you don’t think you need and not how you treat people you need. Almost everyone alive has had a fake friend at one time or the other. Some have even coined the words ‘frienemy’ to describe who a fake friend is. Now there is not standard definition of a fake friend but if a ‘so-called’ friend is fake, if you are smart enough, at one point or the other you would see the signs. Below are a few red flags of a fake friend

1. They always want to take from you: This is one of their stock-in-trade. They always want to take things from you. Funny enough you probablu enjoy being there for them and giving them these things, not knowing their real intentions. You forget that every relationship thrives on balance.

2. They always tell you what you will like to hear: Faithul are the wounds of a friend. Be careful of people who always tell what they know you want to hear. They are not really for you. They do this because of what they can get from you. They do not tell you that what is wrong for you as long as it is right and beneficial to them. They encourage you to spend your money, as long as they enjoy in the bounty.

3. They want you to be there for them when they need you but give perfect excuses for not being there for you when you need them: You do all your best possible to be there for them. You let down everything for them but when it comes their turn to make this same sacrifice for you, they give very valid excuses why they can’t make this same sacrifice for you. They try to fake it one or two times by pretending that they want to make sacrifices for you but thats when its comfortable  for them, as against you making sacrifices even when its uncomfortable  for you. So they make sacrifices from a state of comfort and you make sacrifices  from a state of discomfort but of course you don’t  realise the difference because you think only of what was done and not how it was done. Both of them are important in a friendship

4. They can seem to be the best thing that ever happened to you when you make them very close associates: Some of them have very alluring personalities. They supply you with so much energy when they are around you. Now you get confused and immersed in this energy overtime, probably because you barely have friends. As time goes on, they become very important parts of your life and it becomes  hard for you to do away with them  but you can if you are really determined to. It is even tougher to let go of them if you are the kinda person who doesn’t really keep lots of friends. So you would want to protect the few that you have. However, trust me its much better to be alone sometimes than to have an unfriendly friend around you.

5. They pretend to love you so much when they are at a low state: You can never really know how humble a person is when they are either poor or at a state where they are despairing of life. People who usually at this kind of state attract a lot  of sympathy and if you are a person who is very emotional and sympathizes with people easily, you are bound to fall for their trap. It is even worse of you fall in love (or lust) with them, as it makes it tougher for you to cut them off.

6. They forget you and everything you’ve done when they see no real significance of you in their lives: You’ve  helped  them come out of their predicament, given all your time, money and resources to ensure that they are comfortable, you probably got intimate along the line, had one or two adventures, then suddenly (like the coming of the Lord) they move to a new location and what remains of your relationship is the ‘memory’. This breaks your heart, makes you feel frustrated and discouraged. Then suddenly you realise it was all part of their plan. They were never really for you. They were for what you could offer them. Now you feel like you can never have friends again. They call you once in a week (as against thrice). You complain, they say you are childish. Once in a week turns to once in  a month. They give excuses of how they are muddled up in one thing or the other. Now you realise they were just ‘frienemies’ all this while.

Different kind of people would come into your life. Do not push people away with your attitude. Do not allow your negative experiences to affect your relationships with others. Our experiences should help us learn and not  make us become negative people. At the end of the day, we must  learn to differentiate between real friends and fake friends aka frienemies.


Do you need someone to talk to?

Life is tough. I already get that! We all go through a stuggle, which often leads to frustration or a heart attack in some cases. A problem shared is a problem half-solved. Some may wonder how sharing their problems kickstarts the solution process. This is because sometimes, just letting something out calms you a little bit. It makes you believe that you are not in this alone. Ain’t that a good feeling?

I know sometimes you get tired of talking to people. Sometimes you just wanna be alone but alone is not that good. What some of us really need is someone to talk to. Someone who would listen to us and hear our side of the story. That in itself is relieving.

Well, just in case you have no one to talk to, because I care I’m very willingly to talk to you and share whatever problems you have. I cannot claim to have the perfect answers but one thing is certain, we can always work a way out.

You can reach me via email on clarkekenze@gmail.com or via mobile on +2348157840415.

I’ll be waiting and hoping to hear from you..

Stay blessed!!!


Domestic Violence: Get Out!!!

Domestic Violence is not limited to women being battered alone. However, women have being more on the receiving end overtime, due to the fact they are generally softer at heart and are perceived as the ‘less strong’ vessel.

Its been often said that men who beat their wives, do it out of foolishness and not anger, ‘cos that same anger is controlled when they are faced with a military personnel. Whatever the reason is, this menace must stop, as its fast becoming an all too common situation today, not minding the opprobium that it generates, both for the man and the woman. But the question that must be asked is why women who are going through this debacle, choose to remain in it. Well, there are no perfect answers but here are five possible reasons why they do this;

1. Money: This seems to be about the greatest raison d’être that makes some women remain in broken relationship. They wrongly believe that it is better to suffer in wealth than to laugh in poverty.

2. No Where To Go: This especially applies to women who marry men in another country (possibly better than theirs) and move over there with him. They tend to manage the domestic abuse for the want of a better life where they are and possible lack of another place to stay in that location.

3. Inferiority Complex: Truthfully, some women stay in abusive relationships because they find themselves in an unfortunate situation where not too many men like them and the man they are with seems to be the only person who has ever shown them love but happened to have changed overtime. They forget that they can and will find love again, if only they decide to give love (outside the abusive relationship) another chance.

4. Fear of the Negative Effects of a Broken Home On Their Children: Some women believe that every child should be given the chance to experience both fatherly love and motherly love because a father and a mother both have different roles to play in the life of a child and it is almost impossible for one person to play both roles. Also, some women are not totally certain that they would be given full custody of the child or children, however the case may be. Now, a broken home sure has its negative impacts on the life of any child, albeit its not the best option.

5.Foolishness:This list would not be complete without this point. Aside from all the possible “beautiful” reasons for staying in an abusive relationship, some women stay as a result of intense and ample foolishness.

Whatever your reason is, however beautiful your excuse may be, staying in an abusive relationship is not and can never be an ideal thing to do because the negative effects (both on you and the kids) far outweigh the so-called ‘good’ reasons for staying in an abusive relationship.

Shun Imprudence!!!

Be Wise!!!

Say no to domestic abuse!!!

Stay Blessed!!!!



Do you trust your instincts?

When you hear your inner voice leading you, do you follow? Or have you learned, like too many have, to suppress it in order to make others happy.  We must empower our instincts by breaking outside of other’s expectations and living our truth.

Others in your life will have expectations for how you should act, look, and feel, but you must trust your instincts instead.  We tie ourselves up in knots trying to be who they want us to be, and not our true selves; this only leads to disconnection and dissatisfaction.

Remember that our instincts are the treasure map for our soul’s satisfaction.

So many of us have been crammed into positions for which we have been trained, but which our instincts tell us feel wrong.  So many of us continue in relationships and friendships that feel troublesome instead of heeding our internal warning signs and running the other way.

The longest relationship you will ever have is with yourself; a deeper knowledge and appreciation of your instincts makes it the most beautiful love affair.

Listen to those gut feelings and start believing  in yourself !


Change the headline over your life

Pain, hurt and loss affect us to our core. We replay our painful experiences on a continuous loop in our minds.  We wish the outcome had been different–that he would have loved us more or that they wouldn’t have abused us.  But no matter how good we get at masking the pain, our wounds haven’t even begun to heal. 

All that happened in your past was damaging, but it resides in the past. As we cling to feelings of being unworthy, unlovable or damaged, we invite experiences into our lives that mirror these negative self beliefs.  

No matter what you try, the painful memories weigh you down.  But today this changes.   It is within your power to stop the destruction and change the stories in your head. 

Use these 3 ways to acknowledge your pain and stop beating yourself up inside.
1. Overcome By Your Testimony:  Tell the truth about what happened to you, it’s long overdue. Stop lying about the depth of your pain. Let your guard down to those you love.  Take off the masks you wear and be real–imperfections and all. Your testimony about your past will break through that roadblock in your soul. Studies have shown that the more truth we tell the less mental stress and health problems we encounter.  The truth really will set you free.

2. Change Your Self Talk:  People learn to treat us by how they see us treating ourselves.  Talk so good about you that others know how it should be done!

Healing comes from what you choose to say and believe about yourself.  Though we never learned how to speak kindly to ourselves in the past, it is never too late to change our story.  Challenge yourself to use “positive self talk”, that is words and phrases which inspire and motivate you, to heal those broken parts in your heart.  Instead of  saying, “but you aren’t good enough”, for example, immediately turn that to, “look at all that you have done with so little to start.”

3. Turn Your Story Around:  Pursue what you do well and devote your mental energy to those passions. Our internal voice changes in response to our commitment to positive growth. The strong counselor who listens compassionately to others isn’t doomed to repeat a cycle of abuse. A dedicated painter can start to free himself from the agony of abandonment by channeling his pain onto the canvas.  Immerse yourself in activities that highlight your creativity and inspire you to enjoy life.  The internal abuse will cease once you powerfully live each day guided by what you love–not what you are trying to hide.

Don’t waste another second beating yourself up inside.  You have seen enough.  You have been through enough.  Leave the past in the past and become the stronger you who’s always been inside.


Moving on

Moving On

Sometimes moving on can be a very painful exercise, especially when we find ourselves emotionally hooked to the person that hurt us, albeit involuntarily. We sometimes find ourselves wanting someone who we don’t really need. Love is a  very complex phenomenon and may most likely not make sense most of the time.

There are several reasons why many folks find it very hard to move on. However, one major reason why people find it hard to move on is because they think the person who hurt them won. When you feel like the other person won, it makes it very hard for you to let go because no one likes to lose. The thought of being a loser alone fuels more anger in you and makes you more bitter towards the person. It also makes it tougher for you to forgive the person.

You have to understand that love is not a game and should not be treated as such. In every game, two opposing sides play against each other and they both aim at winning. This is not the case with love. When two people are in love, they are supposed to be on the same side and not on opposing sides. However, this doesn’t take away the fact that it is painful to see someone you love, leave you.

One question that bothers so many people is how to truly let go. Well, I must let you know this, that there really is no way to let go completely but first of all you must accept the mistakes you’ve made. Focus more on the good things about the other person as well as the good times you both had together. Reliving the good times and things from past relationship, helps to reduce the pain of the hurt and it also helps you understand that it was not a complete waste of time. After having accessed the situation, if you think its not possible for you guys to come back together, work towards accepting this fact. Also, do not think that you may not get someone better. Open up your heart and believe that you would get someone better. Avoid the distraction of always trying to keep yourself updated with whatever the other person is up to.

Moving on can sometimes be a herculean task and frustration sets in when you think you are not letting go as fast as you want to. You have to understand that letting go of someone who you truly loved takes time. It could take years. Go through with the process. It may not be what you had in mind but the important factor is progress not perfection.


5 ways to control addiction to pornography

Pornography, Masturbation and Sex have overtime, become one of the greatest tools which the devil employs to destroy people. Individuals have thus found themselves helpless and hapless in curbing and controlling their coital urge. Tough as it may be to control one’s sexual desire, here are five things you can do to stem the tide;

1. Talk To God About It: This surely should be the first step in coming out of dire situations. You need to talk to God about it because at the end of the day, He is the only one that can truly help you.

2. Avoid Touching Sensitive Parts of Your Body: Everyone of us has a sensitive part of our body, otherwise known as ‘sexual hot spots’. It is important we know which part of our body turns us on mostly, when touched. Generally, the nipples, penis, breast etc are sexual hot spots. Thus, you should avoid touching the parts of your body that turn you on easily.

3. Avoid Reading and Watching Sexually Stimulating Articles, Images and Videos : Sexual articles or stories create images of sexual scenes in  the mind which in turn stimulate emotions in individuals. The same principle applies to sexually explicit pictures. Similarly, sexually explicit videos (porn) stimulate masturbation and some of them have negative spiritual implications. Thus, they should be avoided.

4. Avoid Friends That Always Talk About Sex: You are what you listen to, a popular adage says. One way to control addiction to sex and sexual content is to avoid gatherings and people that always talk about sex. This is because the more you keep listening to sexual talk, the more stimulated you become.

5. Read Articles/Books and Watch Videos That Can Help You: This is also important as it enables you discover several other ways to control your sexual urge.

Addiction is a pretty normal occurrence in the life of a human being. Never loathe yourself because of your addiction because every problem always has a solution. The big question is are you ready to take pragmatic steps towards applying the solution? The results of the steps you may take would most times,  not yield a complete result immediately because addictions take time to stop.


5 reasons not to date a girl

*To impress your friends: Some folks fall into the trap of dating a particular girl because they want to impress their friends. They go as far as making bets with about the prospects of getting a girl. They shy from dating the girl the kind of girl they really want because they think their friends would not be impressed, forgetting that they are the ones who would be in the relationship and not their friends.
*Looks: Beauty they say, is in the eyes of the beholder. Truthfully, no one hates beauty or having a beautiful girl as a wife or girlfriend, albeit the realities of a relationship go beyond looks and beauty. Beauty will fade with age. It is even worse with the rise of several make up trends that have the ability to completely change a person. In other words, look beyond facial beauty and body, when choosing a girl.
*Parental Pressure: This is more rampant in the African society. Parents tend to mount undue pressure on their children to get into relationships, especially as you get older and more comfortable in life. Howbeit, you could make a mistake if you start a relationship because of this pressure. 
* Rebound: The loss of a relationship can be a very painful experience and it tends to affect both male and female alike. Forget all the superman thing that men try to form. News Flash: Men cry too. As a result of the pain of this loss, some men tend to try to go another relationship in order to medicate the pain, albeit this seldom works. The result of rebound most times is that you end up dating the girl you don’t really need but just want for a moment of healing, after which you no more need her.
*Money: It’s no surprise and its  no news that women are taking over the world. We have Theresa May in the UK, we’ve had Merkel in Germany, Hiliary Clinton of USA, Helen Johnson of Liberia etc, These days, women seem to gaining a lot of economic power and this has put some men on their toes. The evil trend which seems to be picking momentum is men trying to get into relationships with already established girls (who sometimes really love them), use them to gain some economic weight and dump them. Why in the world would a man want to do that ? It’s a different if a girl who is more financially buoyant than you really loves you (and vice versa) and decides to settle down with you. Truthfully, we all know a lot of men in the society would find it hard settling down with a woman that is richer than them, except in the case of true love existing between both parties.


Being Nice Is Not Enough Sometimes 

Being nice is not enough sometimes. It is not enough for you to just be a nice person or a good person . You may wonder what I mean by this statement but its the fact. Sometimes we come across people who are so calm and nice but they have one major flaw that makes their nice character look useless. It is not enough for you to be in a relationship with anyone just because the person is nice. Outside being nice, there are certain responsibilities we all have and if your partner is not able to meet up with those things, then you have a major problem. 

It’s funny though when you ask some folks why they are dating whoever they are dating and their response is “he’s such a nice person” or “she’s such a nice person”. Now let me state this clearly being nice in reality would not sustain a relationship. I realise a good attitude is a very important factor in the sustainance  of a relationship, however it is the only factor.

How would you cope with a nice person who refuses to go to work and decides to just be at home? How would you cope with a nice person who has no dreams or has very little dreams? How would you cope with a nice person whose thoughts never align with yours? How would you cope with a nice person who would never stand up to his responsibilities and wants you to understand? How would you cope with a nice person who talks too much and can never keep a secret? Have you forgotten that every single human being on earth, be it a pastor, physiotherapist, motivational speaker etc has a major flaw that can make light of their strengths. Some folks fall into the trap of being in a relationship with someone because of the illusion of ‘a nice person’ is all I need. Nice or not nice, be with someone whose shortcoming you can accomodate.

As for the ‘so-called nice people, you cant just go about carrying an invisible tag that says I’m nice, everywhere you go. You have certain responsibilities in your home, work etc. Ensure that you fufill those responsibilities.

For the umpteenth time, I say ‘being nice is not enough’. Wisdom is the principal thing.


5 Reasons why you should not take your relationship problems to social media

In the world we live in today, social media has established itself as a global force. Every year, new social media platforms are built, all for the very same purpose of connecting people. The truth is that social media is nebulous. It can serve both as good thing and as a bad thing. It all depends on how it is used. Sadly though, it has become the habit of a few folks to put out their relationship problems on social media. Some folks tend to feel very comfortable letting out their problems on social media. However, it hasn’t really turned out well for lots of people. Here are five reasons why you should not do that;

*You Will Expose Yourself: Do you know that you could have hidden that problem. Some people do not really have a good grasp of the statement ‘a problem shared is a problem half-solved’. They think that they will be better off letting out the truth. Some people actually let out their problems on social media just to present themselves to the world as the Saint in the problem. They forget that once words are spoken, they can only be forgiven. Even though your partner presents you om social media as the black sheep in a problem, you really dont have to go on that same platform and represent yourself as the ‘white sheep’ because you have the tendency to say things that you wouldnt have wanted people to know. If you want to prove a point, do it outside social media.

*Not Every Comment or Like is born out of love: I can tell you these you may likely get lots of supportive comments and likes blah blah blah. Alas, do not be decieved. The number of positive comments and likes is in no way a true measure of how many people really like you. Note that people who are not happy for will be happy that you are having problems  in your relationship and they will always encourage you to walk. Watch out!

*Relationship-related issues hardly get resolved on social media: I can authoritatively tell you that 80% of the people who carry their issues to the social media regret it at the end of the day. One of the reasons why they regret it is because the issues never really get resolved on social media. You takeit out there, media outlets who are hungry for content pick it up, put a little twist on it and voila, you become the talk of town for a few days, after whicj everybody goea back to their normal, leaving with the same problem, howbeit unresolved.

*Too Many Opinions Will Confuse You: This is a fact, esoecially if you have lots of followers. You will get to see too many reactions and counter-reactions, too many opinions and suggestions on the best thing to do. Truthfully, can you handle all of that? Do not forget those who are not happy for you will also come as wolfs in sheep clothing and give their deceitful suggestions. How would you be able piece all of these together? Wouldn’t you be better off without all that unnecessary attention? Think about it.

5. You can speak to God and a Mentor About it: God is the only person I know that will never disappoint you. Even when it seems like he is, know that he has a plan.The big question is can you trust God? Why dont you talk to me about that relationship problem that is giving you sleepless nights. For those who feel more comfortable talking to someone they can see, you can speak to a mentor about the issue. Also, you can speak to a relationship expert about it. There are dozens of radio shows with a good radio hosts who can give sound advice. You can call in on any of those shows, as anonymous caller and share your problem with the radio host. I agree that couple of people may call in to share their opinions on what you should do, thereby taking us to the previous point (no.4), however the difference is that in this case a sound radio host will be able to muddle the pieces of advice together and give you a good suggestion.

Faithtful are the wounds of a friend. Your true friends will tell you the truth but your social media friends will most likely tell you want they know you want to hear. Even the bible says ‘ Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety’- Prov 11:14.