Life Quotes That Will Help You To Succeed in 2018

Words they say, never fade away. They last a lifetime. Even the Holy Bible says heaven and earth will pass away but God's word will remain the same. Against this backdrop, I'll like to share a few quotes that have kept me going and focused as well as helped overcome certain obstacles I've had to face. These few positive and motivational quotes have been my inspiration and have guided as well as guarded my thoughts over the years. Sharing they say is caring. Here are a few life quotes that would be helpful to you in 2018;


The Danger of Complaining 

Complaining is dangerous . It can damage or even destroy your relationship with God, your relationships with other people, and even with your relationship with yourself. It’s easy to complain. We likely don’t realize how much we do it. I believe it’s one of the most challenging things to overcome.Philippians 2:14 says, Do all things without grumbling and faultfinding and complaining…. That’s a pretty clear command. And not something anyone can do in their own way


How To Apologise

Maybe it’s because I hate being wrong. Maybe it’s the pain of humility – though it isn’t actually humiliating. Maybe it’s the lack of self-control I have over my attitude in the first place that frustrates me. I would admit, yes, actually, it is all of these things. I hate apologizing for all of these reasons. When I need to apologize, I can easily think of even more reasons I hate it and even justify why I can’t or shouldn’t do so just yet. But, I’ve done it, and I’ll do it again. When I know I need to apologize, these are the things I try to keep in mind


6 Reasons Why You Should Not Worry

There will always be something to worry about, all the time. Truly, life is full of ups and downs, unexpected disappointments and tragedies, and honestly a lot of things that just refuse to go according to our optimistic plans. Anyone who has lived a good number of years on earth would have some experience of… Continue reading 6 Reasons Why You Should Not Worry