Smart Goals: Tricks On How To Appear Smarter Than You Are

The word 'smart' has arguably become the most common word to be associated with intelligience. I mean that's partly why we have the usage of the term 'smart' phones. Thus, this further foregrounds the importance of appearing smart. Futhermore, the nature of interviews seems to have changed so much in the world today that it's not really always the most brilliant person in the room that gets the job. In fact, it has been said that the American Billionaire Jeff Bezos is usually more concerned about how candidates answer behavioural questions, as opposed to how they answer technical questions.


How To Handle the Fear of Rejection

Truthfully, if you live long enough, you would get rejected at some point in your life. So, you have to accept the fact that not everyone would accept you for who you are or what you want. The feeling of rejection could come from different channels. It could come from your workplace, family or even friends. Some people who are divorced today walked out of their marriages simply because they felt rejected by their spouse. Don't let the feeling of rejection keep you out of the game. We have all heard the success stories of Oprah, Bill Gates, JK Rowling, Michael Jordan, Madonna and a host of other celebrities or public figures who have sold millions over the last few years. It is a given that each one of these individuals all have success in common but did you know they also share one other common denominator? REJECTION!