How To Identify Different Stages In A Relationship

Relationships go through several stages , and your ability to identify and handle each stage will determine the success or failure of your relationship . The chances are good that you have already failed in both the beginning stages and the later stages, so if you want to make your current relationship or future relationship… Continue reading How To Identify Different Stages In A Relationship


Tales of a City Girl- Good People Bad Decisions

Have you ever regretted decisions that have reshaped your life, whether for better or for worse? At a recent get-together with a couple of friends, we became so relaxed, some of us started discussing our dead marriages. Out of about 12 of us in the group, only three were currently in their ‘husbands’ homes, we’ve… Continue reading Tales of a City Girl- Good People Bad Decisions


Express Yourself 

Forego resting on the couch and express yourself in a meaningful way! What does your soul want to say? You don’t have to go out and sing for all the world to hear, but if singing uplifts you, make room for it. Sing, paint, create, compose, write, connect--your insight matters. Your voice needs expression!


How To Regain Trust in A Marriage 

Regaining trust in marriage is no easy feat. Losing trust in your spouse is one of the loneliest and desperate feelings that a man or woman might experience. Whether due to finances , infidelity, distance, communication , or more, not knowing if you can still safely have faith in the person you love can be a difficult feeling to overcome for the strongest of marriages. Here are 7 tips for regaining trust in marriage.


Friendzoning: Give Me All or Let me Go

I had a conversation with a friend of mine recently. We covered a whole lot of subjects, you know, trying to fill each other in on the months lost. And as a lovaholic, i inquired about her love life and her response was: “don’t mind that boy jare, he  thinks I’m still that little girl… Continue reading Friendzoning: Give Me All or Let me Go


How To Know When You’re In Love

Love is a very intense feeling and everyone has either been in love with someone or been loved by someone. For many people its both ways. However, many people don't really know what love is? The word has just become an ordinary cliche. People have tended to confuse infatuation or lust for love.  Often times,… Continue reading How To Know When You’re In Love