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How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs : 5 Types of Limiting Beliefs That Single People Have

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about limiting beliefs and how they hold you back from doing the things you want the most. Most people have a lot of limiting beliefs that affect their career, health, and current relationships negatively. But when it comes to single people who are looking for love, having their… Continue reading How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs : 5 Types of Limiting Beliefs That Single People Have


How to Know If Your Relationship Would Pass The Test of Time

Everyone, no matter how bad you think the person is, deserves to be in a relationship. However, the reality of the matter is that no everyone is able to stay in one. Even with the several articles on red flags on a first date, people still go into relationships which do not eventually pass the test of time. So, on one hand there are things to watch out for before dating a person and on the other hand there are factors that can help you make an informed decision before you eventually say “I do”.


Let Them Go

Whether you realize it or not, people who refuse to grow with you simply can't go with you. So often we get so caught up in our emotions that we seem to think that just because someone has been by our side for years that we are entitled to take them with us to each proceeding level of our lives. 


5 Types of Friends You Need

 Our friendships pick us up, carry us further, and come from some of the most unlikely sources . In order to get the most out of our friendships, there are certain types of friends we should have in our lives to round out our social circles.


18+ : 5 Ways To Control Addiction to Pornography, Masturbation, and Sex

Pornography, Masturbation and Sex have overtime, become one of the greatest tools which the devil employs to destroy people. Individuals have thus found themselves helpless and hapless in curbing and controlling their coital urge. Tough as it may be to control one's sexual desire, here are five things you can do to stem the tide;… Continue reading 18+ : 5 Ways To Control Addiction to Pornography, Masturbation, and Sex


How To Reconcile With An Old Friend

True and good friends are to be treasured because they are not so easy to come by. But in life, we make mistakes because we’re human and sometimes people who love each other and think very highly of each other fall out because of offences from one or both parties. The loss of such a… Continue reading How To Reconcile With An Old Friend


Celebrating You

No doubt most of us have been sated with oft-repeated stories of slaves of eons ago who were freed and their captors drowned; tales of children who were meted inhumane treatment by their so-called families and who later became benefactors to those same families; graphic illustrations of poor souls who rose dramatically from penury to… Continue reading Celebrating You


Friendzoning: Give Me All or Let me Go

I had a conversation with a friend of mine recently. We covered a whole lot of subjects, you know, trying to fill each other in on the months lost. And as a lovaholic, i inquired about her love life and her response was: “don’t mind that boy jare, he  thinks I’m still that little girl… Continue reading Friendzoning: Give Me All or Let me Go