How To Be A Better Team Player At Your Workplace

Research has shown that about 64% of the people who go to work, go because of the desire for a paycheck and not necessarily because they love the job, because desire they say is the fundamental drive of all human action. Against this backlash, both the people at work and the work itself could get frustrating sometimes. Here are five ways to relate better at your work place, in the midst of it all.

1. Don’t Take Bad Moods Personally
Everyone has bad days, and the best way to show grace when a colleague has the blues is not to take it to heart. If it seems like your colleague or supervisor has “an attitude” one day, don’t escalate the situation by taking offense or using the same tone with them that offended you. Consider that they could be having problems at home or work that you don’t know about. Chalk up their behavior as having nothing to do with you. You, too, might have a bad day at work and need someone to extend grace to you in this manner.

2. Offer To Help
Show grace to your coworkers by offering to help when you see them in need. Offer to lighten their workload if you observe that your colleagues look overwhelmed. Your coworkers might turn down your offer. Perhaps they just want someone to air their frustrations to about the problem that’s sprung up. You can also show grace to coworkers in other ways. If a colleague’s car breaks down, offer them a ride to and from work. If your coworker needs help fundraising for a cause, pitch in if you can.

3. Welcome New Employees
When a new colleague joins the staff, reach out. Offer to treat them to lunch. Answer any questions the newcomer has. Introduce the coworker to other staffers and show him around your job site or office. Simple acts like teaching new employees how to navigate the computer system or where the vending machines are located can go a long way.

4. Don’t Gossip
Maintain the integrity of your work environment by refusing to gossip. Gossip can create divisions and tensions in the workplace. Show grace to your colleagues by declining to talk to them behind their backs, even if you think they deserve it. And show grace to loose-lipped colleagues by politely disengaging when they invite you to gossip.

5. Bring In Treats
Setting aside a day to bring in treats for the staff is another simple way to show grace. People’s eyes generally light up when they see boxes of pastries or other goodies in the office in the morning. When you and your colleagues are working long hours on a project, you might also surprise them by ordering pizza. Your coworkers will surely be grateful that you thought enough of them to make sure they had something to eat on a long and busy day.