Love: A Philosophical and Psychological Point of View

The term Love cannot be boxed into one definition. Everyone choose what it means to them and how they express it. Away from the societal definition, I decided to undertake a scholarly view of love- how it comes and what it means- in order to see love from different perspectives. Join me on this journey as wr learn from two schools of thought; the philosophers and the psychologists.


What Does Love Mean To You

Love means a lot of things to a lot of people but have you ever asked yourself what love means to you? How do you show love  and to whom do you show love? We been taught about love languages but its application seems to be limited to romantic love and love shown to someone you know but we were not born to love only those we know, we also have the capacity  to love even those that we don't know.


How To Know When You’re In Love

Love is a very intense feeling and everyone has either been in love with someone or been loved by someone. For many people its both ways. However, many people don't really know what love is? The word has just become an ordinary cliche. People have tended to confuse infatuation or lust for love.  Often times,… Continue reading How To Know When You’re In Love