5 Reasons Why Arguments Are Good For A Relationship

“Couples who argue a lot might love each other deeply”. At a first glance, this statement looks all shades of weird, right? I thought so too but like I’ll always say; understand before you criticize. It took me quite some time to really grasp the sense around this statement but experience came to the rescue.… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Arguments Are Good For A Relationship


Inspirational Love Quotes  For Valentine’s Day

The thought of February 14 ignites the flame of love in the hearts of many. Its usually seen as a `Love and Romance Certified day'. Many guys have a tendency of looking for ways to break-up before this day in order to avoid spending  ton of cash while some other willing spenders desperately go in… Continue reading Inspirational Love Quotes  For Valentine’s Day


Love: A Philosophical and Psychological Point of View

The term Love cannot be boxed into one definition. Everyone choose what it means to them and how they express it. Away from the societal definition, I decided to undertake a scholarly view of love- how it comes and what it means- in order to see love from different perspectives. Join me on this journey as wr learn from two schools of thought; the philosophers and the psychologists.