Do you have too many doors open?

Although it may be hard to believe when we are in the midst of struggle, our deepest pain is the catalyst for our transformation.Yet, healing and growth are not possible if the door is still open to those people and experiences that chip away at your peace.


The Fine Art of Pretence- III

I have met a lot of stupid people, but none worse than those who either don’t know how to conceal their knowledge and emotions or haven’t learnt how to flaunt it at the right time. These two groups of people are, to me, some of the worst human beings on the circle of the earth. Here’s the reason


The Power of Silence

When it comes to the art of conversation, the use of silence is considered to be negative and only to be used when you are alone. But that's far from the truth. Silence can be used in positive ways that can create profound moments while talking to somebody else. Here are reasons why you should begin… Continue reading The Power of Silence