7 Reasons Why Some Women Remain Single

Some women in the society today seem to prefer to remain single, as a result of the recent spate of lazy guys who prefer to depend on their wives rather work and be the breadwinners in their home. The continuous rise of women's rights has been part of the impetus for the lack of interest… Continue reading 7 Reasons Why Some Women Remain Single


Are Men Really Polygamous By Nature?

"Men are polygamous in nature". It struck me like lightning when I first heard someone make this statement. I felt it was another case of people trying to rationalize a perceived wrongdoing. What was more surprising was to see some women speak in defence of this statement. In defence of the 'men are polygamous by… Continue reading Are Men Really Polygamous By Nature?


Bride Price: Yea or Nay

Before putting my pen to paper, I floated the idea of the termination of bride price payment before a random cross-section of people of different age groups and traditional and educational leanings. Most of the responses I got toed the line of How dare you! bordering on even the mere thought of it being an anathema. I am utterly astonished that even educated folks who should be more enlightened, having gone through the scholastic rigours of the Ivory Tower, including and especially youths like me, have a hard time questioning the status quo. Its amazing how people just take traditions that have been handed down for generations and continue to propagate them without stopping to think about why exactly we do what we do.