How To Handle the Fear of Rejection


“Thank you for applying for this job but……” A lot of job seekers would be very familiar with this line, I guess. You know these days, you really do not need to open an email before you know whether or not your interview/test was successful. Once you check the preview and it starts with a line like that, most often than not, the news is always a negative one. This kind of situation has led many folks to the point of feeling rejected, which most times snowballs into depression. The fear of being rejected has made so many people lose vital opportunities.

Truthfully, if you live long enough,

you would get rejected at some point in your life. So, you have to accept the fact that not everyone would accept you for who you are or what you want. The feeling of rejection could come from different channels. It could come from your workplace, family or even friends. Some people who are divorced today walked out of their marriages simply because they felt rejected by their spouse. Don’t let the feeling of rejection keep you out of the game. We have all heard the success stories of Oprah, Bill Gates, JK Rowling, Michael Jordan, Madonna and a host of other celebrities or public figures who have sold millions over the last few years. It is a given that each one of these individuals all have success in common but did you know they also share one other common denominator? REJECTION!

– Oprah was fired from her job in television.

– Soichiro Honda was turned down from an engineering job in toyota

– Bill Gates was rejected by IBM.

– JK Rowling was denied by several book publishers.

– Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team.

– Madonna was rejected by a movie producer.

How you handle rejection has the power to determine your destiny. Each one of these individuals could have chosen to live in defeat after their rejections; however, they chose to do what very few people do. They chose to keep going because they realized that if the worst had already happened, only the best was yet to come.

Rejection may just be the injection for your projection

Want to learn how you can turn your rejection into a life changing experience? Here are 5 ways you can use rejection to propel you to your destiny:

1. Refuse to Stop Pressing Forward: Never back down on the urge to press forward. Whatever you find yourself doing, press at it. People may mock you, scorn you etc. Take that as a propelling force and move forward.

2. Ignore Negativity: In today’s world, its almost easier to hear negativity than it is to hear positivity. This is one reason why you have to careful who you surround yourself with. You should learn to surround yourself with positive people, ‘cos I tell you, there’s a whole lot you can achieve with the positive vibe around you.

3. Refuse To Be Defined By Your No’s: Do you know that you can control what you do about your feelings? You may not be able to stop a few people from telling you ‘No’ but you can decide not to allow the ‘No’ stop you from doing what you have to do. If you get a ‘No’ at point A, keep moving till you get your YES. Your ‘YES’ may be yet to come but it will surely come.

4. Accept Rejection as God’s Protection: Difficult as it may be to accept, sometimes God allows us go through some pain at some point because He has a better plan.No pain No gain! In other words, rejection is not always a negative phenomenon. It may just be part of a larger picture that you’re not seeing. Ask the girl who is happily married today, who could have ended with the wrong guy, had he not told her ‘NO’.

5. Don’t Sweat What You Can’t Control: You know I’ve learnt to live the ‘Let-go’ life and it has been an awesome experience. You should try it. Folks, there are some things that you just cant change. When you are faced with a situation, give it all you can and when it doesnt seem to go your way, take the lessons from the class and move on. Its not that hard. It may be painful. It may hurt to move on, but you would surely find strength in your pain.

Do not despise the days of your little beginnings


18 thoughts on “How To Handle the Fear of Rejection”

    1. That quote that came to your mind is really funny..But truly If u look at it, the word ‘but’ just changes everything that has been said previously 😁😂…..really enjoyed reading your comment…I’m happy you’re inspired

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  1. I’m at the right blog at the right time. So glad I was able to read this today. As a fresh grad, I’m about to face rejections once I start applying for jobs! Will keep all of these in mind

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Kamila for the comment. Truthfully, sometimes it can be really discouraging when one applies for a job and a company turns one down. I’ve been there and I know how much it hurts but you just have to believe in yourself and keep going. Even though I don’t know you, I believe in you and wish you good success

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